Salvo Parisi
Caribbean Dancer Master and Choreographer.

Salvo Parisi

He takes his first steps at a very young age and being in a family of musicians and dancers everything becomes more
 Initially he embarked on the road of funky and jazz and in the 90s he came to Caribian music.
 Self-taught he began his studies in 96 with Miguel Melchionda and Annamaria Ventorino, the latter pushed him
 to deepen his studies to better develop his talent and so he met in the same year
 and studies with the master Papito Jala Jala, thus embarking on the path of style that today identifies him.
 Over time in Puerto Rico and New York he studied with masters of the caliber of Tito Ortos, Jorge
 Santana, Felipe Polanco, Jesus Aponte, Eddy Torres, Thomas Guerrero, Franky Martinez, study jazz
 at the Broadway Dance Center in New York with the teacher Frank Hatchett and graduated from the Universidad
 del Este of Puerto Rico in the field from afro to today and graduated A.N.M.B.
  In 98 he lands at
 Pedro Gomez’s school first as a student and then as a dancer and assistant
 following him in various stages and events, with him he works on TV as a dancer of the program at the foot of the
In 99 he joined the staff of the Energy Planet of Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen
 Russian as a teacher and dancer.
 In 2000 he moved to the AHI-NAMA group of Arnay Ferreiro, learned the Arnay style and the
 disciplines of Afro, Son and Rumba.
 In 2001 he moved to one of the most famous groups in the world, Fernando Sosa and Rafael’s TROPICAL GEM
 Gonzales and remains there for three years treading the most coveted and important stages in the world. 

  Also dance
 at the concert of Gilberto Santa Rosa on his Italian tour, for Mercadonegro and Franky Morales (singer
 by Tito Puente) He is present in various advertisements and television commercials and participates in some episodes of the series
 Love Bugs.
 In October 2001 he became a teacher at the Latin Gem dance school in Milan and formed a couple with
 Simona Crea and immediately after the JMSalsa group.  In 2005 he created the first advanced show course, course
 Academic made for the training of taught assistants and dancers.
 Participate with them in various international competitions and conferences with great results.  With the school he works for
 9 years creating and building courses, shows and musicals.  Musicals like Mi Salsa by Jorge Santana,
 Tropicana Village and Latin Love Boat.
 Artistic director in 2011 of the professional school Ballare Ballare .com continues the study project
 academic today reality called THE COMPANY Dance Group that boasts components that arrive
 from the academic courses and have to their credit two musicals, TERRA and PASSION presented in all
 In 2012 he worked as artistic director at the Latin club and Ahy Nama dance school in Segrate.
 In April 2013 he returned to the Latin gem school as a teacher and choreographer.
 In 2015 with the school and Maestro Giuseppe Carrozza they form a new course for preparation
 competition (Course for competitors) open to all those who want to undertake the sector
 From April 2018 he passes to Thomas Art Milan as Pilates teacher and Dance Master
 Caribbean and in September he arrives at Moma Studios Milano as Master and Artistic Director in
 Latin American sector.
 The love of dance and teaching led him to be an esteemed Master and Choreographer e
 respected, recognized for its impeccable and elegant style.