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Morgan started dancing at the age of 15 with Dance Sport. It will be his first love at first sight with the couple dance. He quickly reached the Top 10 by reaching the semi-final of the French Youth Championship (2007) and then 3 years later, the semi-final of the French Espoir Championship. Wishing to become the most versatile dancer possible, he went to Switzerland to follow a pre-professional training course which was unfortunately short lived due to an injury that put his career in question.

After months of rehabilitation, he resumed dancing and took part in the French version of the programme “So You Yhink You Can Dance” where he reached the semi-final in prime time on a French television channel. After this programme, he will go to Paris to learn from the greatest dancers. During a Ballroom Fusion class, a student suggested he try the Bachata. He starts in June 2014 and will become Vice Champion of France in September and Vice Champion of the World in November of the same year.
From there a competitive career will begin with 5 French Champion titles, numerous world finals, 5 world podiums and a BACHAT’ART WORLD CHAMPION title (BachataFusion) in 2017.
In 2018, he begins a partnership with Monique B. From Lima and they become a leading couple of the Urban Bachata throughout the world (France, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, United States, …) during International Festivals.