Monique is a Brazilian dancer born in São Paulo. At the age of 19, she joined Dance Company, Artencati. After this first experience with Brazilian Dance shows, she travelled through several countries such as China, Turkey, Argentina, … When she arrived in France, she met the great choreographer Flavia Albuquerque, creator of Yes Brazil Prod and danced for her during many performances.

She meets Morgan Castagné and will dance with him from January 2018. During this year she will become double French Champion and she will represent her native country in the most important competitions (international competitions – national championships and world championships).
In February she becomes the first Brazilian to participate in the BACHATEA (as well as the first representative of France) – the biggest competition in the world. 
Together they will become one of the leading couples of the Urban Bachata on the international scene.
From then on, they travelled around the world to share their passion (France, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, United States, Poland, …).