Is the online payment safe?

The online payment is managed through the Paypal system, it’s a sage method of payment. It cached on a credit card or a postepay. When you make an online payment with payment the recipient doesn’t display your card details in any way. And money will be taken from the plafond of the card or from the charging of the postepay.

Which are the methods of payments?

The methods of payments accepted on our web-site are: PayPal, Klarna

Is the VAT part of the package?

Yes, the VAT is part of the package in all the articles that are in the web-site.

How long do I have to make the payment of the order?

The payment with paypal/credit cart must be sent within 24 hours. If within 24 hours the payment isn’t reveived, the order it’s automatically deleted.

I received a wrong article, what could I do?

If you received a wrong article you only need to contact our team and report the error. Danc’in will provide to solve the problem.

Can I replace/return an article with an other one?

It is possible to replace an article with an other one within 14 days from the delivery. The client can return the article in the case in which it’s not his taste, it’s the wrong colour or size, it presents defects.
The delivery charges shall be borne by the buyer.
The delivert charges shall be borne by Danc’in in the case in which the goods presents some defects or it has been sent a wrong article by error.

How many costs are exclude from compensation?

From compensation are exclude the delivery charges. Danc’in in case of withdrawal of the article, will reimburse only the cost of the shoes.